Post-Sport Fueling Tips and Ideas for Teens

Halsa Nutrition
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Have a sporty tween or teen?

If your child is involved with sports it’s important for them to fuel properly both before and after their sport or activity. 

This post-sport guide is perfect for guiding them on how to fuel after their sport. 

It includes information on why refueling is important, how to refuel, and ideas on what to eat. 

The ideas on what to eat include:

  • the different food categories you should eat after a workout,
  • a list of 25 specific ideas,
  • plus a graphic image guide with simple, balanced post-sport snacks.

Intuitive eating friendly! This guide is written in a non-diet way without triggering language or mentioning of calories or added sugar.

It’s perfect for kids ages 10-18. So whether your child is in middle school, high school, or off to college, this guide is great. (It also works well for sporty adults!

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You'll get a 3-page printer friendly PDF handout.

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