Teen Snack List Bundle

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Need nourishing snack ideas for your teens? Share these resources with them or post it in a visible place such as on the fridge or pantry door for them to refer to.

The Smart Snacking for Teens resource contains:

  • Mix and match snack list with over 50 different combos.
  • Answers to 5 common questions, including what to snack on, why to snack, when to snack, how much to eat, and what mindful eating entails.
  • Bonus tips.
  • 2 pages downloaded as a printable PDF.

The 7 Nourishing Snacks for Teens resource contains:

  • Recipes that are simple enough for tweens and teens to make on their own.
  • Recipes that appeal to a variety of tastes.
  • Recipes that can be used as starting guides to come up with their own creative twists.
  • A bonus section with tips for creating great snack habits.

In addition, both resources are written to help foster an intuitive eating, non-diet approach to food and eating.

  • 4 PDF printer-friendly pages

  • 4 PDF printer-friendly pages
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Teen Snack List Bundle

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